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While female Speakers display an admirable affinity to the carnivorous Raptors that dwell within their primal lands, they are not the only cavalry the W’adrhun can bring to bear. Riding juvenile Brontoceratops (the elder beasts being too stubborn and docile to be goaded to battle) the Thunder Riders descend on the enemy formations in an unstoppable avalanche of muscle, crest and violence. The sheer power and impact these mounts can bring to bear as they stampede and trample enemy lines has earned these young riders a terrifying reputation that belies their years.


  • 3x Thunder Rider Miniatures
  • 3x Cavalry Stands
  • 3x Base
  • 1x Command Card

W’adrhun: Thunder Riders

SKU: PBW9012
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£43.34Sale Price
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