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Review: Knight Models Game of Thrones Miniatures Game

1. Introduction: Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Westeros with Knight Models' upcoming Game of Thrones Miniatures Game, set to release at the end of May. This game brings the political intrigue and epic battles of George R.R. Martin's universe to your tabletop. The system is heavily based on the Batman Miniatures Game, which is one of my favorite systems.

2. Overall Theme and Experience: The Game of Thrones Miniatures Game captures the essence of the series, allowing players to lead iconic characters and factions in strategic skirmishes. The game offers a richly thematic experience, drawing players into the complex and treacherous world of Westeros, with scheming courtiers and skilled swordsmen at work in their respective fields.

3. Features and Improvements: Using the refined ruleset of the Batman Miniature Game 3rd Edition, this adaptation introduces tweaks to better fit the Game of Thrones universe. Key changes include adjustments to armor that affect movement and damage resistance, the removal of the unconscious state, and a new willpower mechanic governing effort. Faction-specific abilities and an emphasis on varied terrain enhance the strategic depth and immersion of the game.

4. Miniatures: Knight Models miniatures are very well done. The quality of this set is high, though they require care when removing from their sprues as the swords can be fragile. The likeness to the actors is present, and while I have not finished my set as we're enjoying spending time on them, I was lucky enough to have one of our customers bring in his painted ones to play.

5. Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Audacity System: The game incorporates the Audacity system from BMG, enabling selected characters to perform multiple actions per turn. This mechanic adds significant strategic depth, allowing players to maximize the impact of key figures like Jon Snow or Jaime Lannister.

  • Reputation Points: Players build their armies using a Reputation points system, balancing powerful heroes with versatile units to create adaptable and effective forces.

  • Objective Cards: Objective cards introduce thematic goals for each faction, driving the narrative and strategic elements of the game. These objectives create unique win conditions beyond simply defeating opponents, encouraging varied and dynamic gameplay.

  • Alternate Activation: Giving each player the ability to activate one model at a time makes the game more interesting, as you and your opponent must constantly adapt to the changing battlefield, leaving you with little downtime.

  • Effort: This mechanic allows each player to bid in each fight, expending their characters' energy to add and remove dice from their opponent's pool. This means that in every engagement, you have active participation, a mechanic I personally love and am happy to see return.

6. Starter Set Overview: The starter set for the Game of Thrones Miniatures Game includes two primary factions: House Stark and House Lannister. Each faction comes with eight detailed miniatures, tokens, and objective cards, providing everything two players need to begin their battles. The set also includes essential gameplay components such as terrain pieces (though the quality is not the best, it is nice for it to be included so you can play out of the box) and a rulebook.

7. Expansions: Currently, there are two expansions up for order and two that were available on release that expanded the initial factions. The two new factions are:

  • Night's Watch Expansion: This expansion introduces the Night's Watch, featuring characters like Jon Snow and the defenders of the Wall. Players can bring the tactics of the Night's Watch to the table, adding new strategic options and units.

  • White Walkers Expansion: The White Walkers expansion brings the chilling threat of the undead army to the game. This expansion features the Night King and his formidable forces, including a giant, adding unique abilities and powerful new units that will challenge any opponent.

8. Accessibility and Replayability: The game is designed to be accessible for newcomers, with free rulebooks and a free app that includes up-to-date stat cards and a crew builder. The varied factions and objectives ensure high replay value, offering fresh and engaging experiences with each game.

9. Things to Consider:

  • Crew Size: Some starter packs may not fully reach the standard 350 Reputation points, potentially requiring additional purchases to complete your ideal crew. However, most Bat Boxes exceed this limit, offering flexibility. We hope Game of Thrones also matches this.

  • App Availability: As of writing, the app is available on iPad and we have played several games, but it is currently not available on Android. Knight Models has assured us it is in the approval process on the Play Store.

  • Terrain: Players will need to source or create their own terrain to fully enjoy the game's strategic possibilities. However, in-store play at Bay Games provides all necessary terrain for a complete gaming experience.

10. Conclusion: Knight Models' Game of Thrones Miniatures Game stands out with its strong thematic elements and innovative gameplay mechanics. It offers both strategic depth and accessible fun, making it a great choice for fans of the series and miniature gaming alike. Despite some challenges with terrain and initial complexity, it provides an immersive and engaging strategic experience for a wide range of players.

11. Call to Action: Speak to us in the shop for a demo or if you'd like to order any models to start this amazing game. If superheroes are more your style, check out the Batman Miniature Game as well!

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