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If you want to do your "what do I play at Bay Games today" then please download and look through this list of nearly all the games available

Download XLSX

Hi All

we are wanting to run a mixing night where folk can suggest games they have or would like to play and we get groups together and make sure they get played id be looking to run this every other week. would you be up for it ?

Gavin Bolton
Jamie Floyd
Jamie Floyd
Jun 25, 2023

Yeah- I’d be up for playing games and learning new ones.

Michael T
Michael T

Just a thought but a page / post of board games available to play would be great? Not sure I've found anything like that looking around?

keiren bradwell
keiren bradwell
Jun 19, 2023

We currently don't have a list up we will get one soon :)


I wouldn’t mind a demo of Scythe if that was possible? I bought a copy a few months ago but can’t get my head around it 😅

keiren bradwell
Rich Crozier
Jun 22, 2023

Sorry to jump in Jamie, I'm just wondering how you enjoyed Scythe and if you are up for another player another time. I've only played it 3 times and not for a while so definitely up for playing it at Bay sometime.



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