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Sun, 09 Jun


Whitley Bay

Warhammer league june - sept

join our league

Time & Location

09 Jun 2024, 18:00 – 08 Sept 2024, 22:00

Whitley Bay, 214 Whitley Rd, Whitley Bay NE26 2TA, UK


About the event

Join us and play in our stores league. 

Bay Games Warhammer Ladder League Rules

1. League Structure

1.1. Format

  • The      league operates in a ladder format, where players are ranked based on      their performance.
  • New      players can join the league at any time, starting at the bottom of the      ladder.

1.2. Duration

  • The      league season runs for three months.
  • At the      end of the season, the top 4 players will participate in a playoff to      determine the overall champion.

2. Player Registration

2.1. Eligibility

  • All      players must register at Bay Games.
  • Players      must provide their full name, contact information,

2.2. Entry Fee

  • Regular      fees apply.

3. Match Rules

3.1. Challenge System

  • Players      can challenge opponents up to 3 ranks above them on the ladder.
  • A      player can only issue one challenge at a time and must complete their      current match before issuing another challenge.

3.2. Scheduling Matches

  • Players      must schedule their matches within one week of the challenge being issued.
  • If a      player is unable to play within the week, they forfeit the match unless a      mutual agreement is made.

3.3. Match Format

  • Matches      are played using the Warhammer rules.
  • Each      match will be following that weeks points limit or those agreed by players
  • Missions      will be determined using the mission cards.
  • If both      partys agree other gw systems can be used to play the match, kill team Aos      etc.

3.4. Reporting Results

  • The      winner of the match must report the result to the league organizer within      24 hours.
  • Reports      must include the final score, and secondary’s

4. Scoring and Ranking

4.1. Ladder Movement

  • If the      lower-ranked player wins, they swap places with the higher-ranked player.
  • If the      higher-ranked player wins, they move up one rank if they are not already      at the top.

4.2. Points System

  • Players      earn points for each match played:
    • Win:       3 points
    • Draw:       1 point
    • Loss:       0 points
  • Bonus      points may be awarded for completing certain objectives or demonstrating      good sportsmanship.
  • 2 bonus      points will be awarded to games played on league night ( Sundays)
  • 1 bonus      points will be awarded for playing the weeks mission pack and points limit

4.3. Tie-Breakers

  • In the      event of a tie in points, the following tie-breakers will be used:
    1. Head-to-head       results
    2. Total       victory points scored
    3. Number       of matches played

5. Conduct and Sportsmanship

5.1. Code of Conduct

  • All      players are expected to uphold the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Unsportsmanlike      behavior, including but not limited to cheating, verbal abuse, or      intentional slow play, will not be tolerated.

5.2. Penalties

  • Players      found in violation of the code of conduct may be subject to penalties,      including point deductions, suspension, or expulsion from the league.

6. Prizes and Awards

6.1. Weekly/Monthly Prizes

  • Prizes      will be awarded for weekly/monthly achievements, such as most matches      played, highest climber, etc.

6.2. End-of-Season Prizes

  • The      top scoring players at the end of the season will receive Trophy and      prizes.
  • Additional      awards may be given for categories like Best Painted Army, Best      Sportsmanship, etc.

7. Amendments

7.1. Rule Changes

  • The      league organizer reserves the right to amend the rules at any time.
  • Players      will be notified of any changes at least one week before they take effect.

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