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Once upon a time… Red Riding Hood takes her basket of tricks to face off against Beowulf in another legendary battle of the Unmatched series.

With Little Red’s card combo mechanism up against Beowulf’s devastating rage, it’s an epic fight to the bitter end!

Remember, in battle, there can only be one winner…fairy tales are not just for kids!

What’s in the box?

  • two hero miniatures
  • two sidekick tokens
  • two health dials
  • two character cards
  • 60 action cards
  • three door tokens
  • one gameboard

How to play:

Each character has a unique deck that fits their fighting style. Little Red Riding Hood features a clever card-combo mechanism. Matching icons on the cards she plays to the ones in her ‘basket’ (discard pile), triggers potent effects. Beowulf uses rage to power up his cards for devastating effects.

Players take turns manoeuvring their fighters on the battlefield, playing schemes, and attacking their opponent’s fighters.

When it’s your turn, take two actions of a possible three. You can manouver, attack or scheme.

Manouvering allows you to draw a card form your deck, and move fighters.

Attacking sees you declaring which of your fighters is carrying out the attack. Remember, these will need to be valid attacks.

When you take the scheme action, choose a scheme card and play it face up. Choose a fighter to play the scheme card.

You can only ever hold 7 cards in your hand. At the end of your turn you must discard down to this limit.

Once your opponents health has been reduced to zero, they are defeated and you win!


You can mix and match fighters from any Unmatched set! Try the Unmatched – Cobble and Fog set to continue the brawl!

Unmatched - Little Red Riding Hood vs Beowulf

£27.99 Regular Price
£25.19Sale Price

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