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In the early days of the Old Dominion the Kataphractoi were the Caelesors chosen Companions, or Hetairoi, armed with the finest arms and armor he could furnish and mounted atop the greatest steeds he could find. As the Old Dominion evolved, these ancient formations were abandoned, but not the title of Hetairos. Granted to the greatest champions of the Old Dominon, this was a title granted only by the Caelesor himself for deeds of valor upon the field of battle. Some of that prowess and glory remain in their withered remnants, and the Hetairoi are the first among equals in a Kataphractoi warband, their mere presence reminding their companions of the glorious charges of ages past.


  • 1x Hetairos Miniature
  • 1x Base
  • 1x Cavalry Stand
  • 1x Command Card

Old Dominion: Hetairos

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